Success at the Touristech Startup Festival in Seville

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Success at the Touristech Startup Festival in Seville

The Touristech Startup Festival held in Seville brought together 400 innovative startups and was a great success.

The third edition of the Tourism Innovation Summit (TIS) took place in Seville on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November and brought together a total of 6,167 congress participants of 38 nationalities, most of them C-level managers from the sector, to discuss tourism and find answers to the technological innovation needs of their businesses.

These incredible attendance figures corroborated the success of the event which, in addition to generating an economic impact of 18 million euros in the city, made the capital of Andalusia the European Capital of Smart Tourism 2023.

For all these reasons, the Touristech Startup is a great showcase to present promising projects that aim to transform tourism through technology and sustainability, because the industry is changing because customers want responsible policies.

It’s been 3 days full of experiences, quality networking and inspiring talks with professionals from the tourism industry such as Gerd Leonhard or Ada XU. In addition, the fair was also an ideal place to enjoy multiple cultural activities offered by the city of Seville, making it an unrepeatable experience for attendees.


Winning startups


As a partner of the Touristech Startup Festival, our director Leticia Lauffer had the pleasure to present the UNWTO Awards.

From Wakalua Hub we would like to congratulate all the participating startups and especially the 5 innovative and disruptive projects that won the scholarship for the UNWTO Online Academy:


  • Meep: Through the MaaS platform, they aim to reduce the use of private cars and promote the use of public transport systems.
    The aim of this application is to provide digital solutions for transit authorities, transit operators and mobility service providers to create an interconnected mobility ecosystem, putting the citizen at the centre of public transport, radically improving their digital experience.
  • EAT INN: They seek to provide a solution to the food waste that occurs in hotels, redistributing food in perfect condition to each restaurant for customers who are not guest at the hotel. In other words: + «non-accommodated» customers – food waste in perfect condition = profitable sustainability.
  • Midnightdeal: The first booking site where you decide how much you spend on your holiday. You can choose from numerous exclusive and dynamic price offers from carefully selected hotels in and around Austria.
  • Aguardio: They have developed easy-to-use IoT sensors that help people live more sustainably by reducing the amount of water and energy they use in the bathroom. On the one hand, Aguardio G2 is able to make changes to showering behaviour with the aim of reducing water and energy consumption thanks to a combination of sensors and big data. On the other hand, the Aguardio leak sensor is a solution that can detect toilet leaks of up to five litres of water per hour, which are not even visible in the toilet bowl.
  • Turbosuite: Turbosuite is a technological tool developed by property managers who are experts in Revenue with the aim of maximising the yield of holiday houses and flat bookings. This results in increased conversions and greater control over the type of bookings.

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