7th World Forum of Gastronomic Tourism Winner: byFood

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7th World Forum of Gastronomic Tourism Winner: byFood


To end 2022, Wakalua was present at the 7th World Forum of Gastronomic Tourism held from December 12 to 15 in Nara, Japan.

The event was attended by the 6 best startups of the competition and our director, Leticia Lauffer, and other UNWTO executives presented the awards.




One Armenia: For a long time there has been skepticism about donating money to projects in Armenia. This project’s commitment to radical transparency has helped break through this skepticism, with over $7 million raised to support 35 local projects with lasting impact.

Now, with values and their community still at the core, they are focused on developing Armenia’s tourism sector by incubating extraordinary travel experiences that contribute positively to rural communities.

Tenemos Filo: FILO helps hosts of gastronomic events gain visibility to promote their gastronomic experiences and generate new opportunities.
To do so, FILO provides hosts with a platform where they can advertise, showcase their events and gain visibility.
FILO is looking for people passionate about gastronomy who want to share their knowledge with diners from all over the world.
Its platform offers the following advantages:

  • Access to a community of hosts.
  • Management of online reservations for restaurants, dining rooms, workshops or tours.
  • Possibility of selling experiences.
  • Benefits of the FILO Host Community.

Soplaya: Europe’s most diverse, efficient and sustainable B2B food supply chain, directly connecting chefs and farmers. Growing 2-3x a year with over 1000 chefs and 300 farmers, Soplaya has raised €4 million from leading venture capital funds and industry experts.

Local Food: Local Food is a commercial platform built on Corda that uses DLT to track the origin of local food from farms to restaurants. Tourists know their food. Farmers know the people they feed. Created to promote sustainability along the food supply chain.

Beyondnext: Operator of a restaurant and food market information platform aimed at providing content based on vegan and vegetarian food. The company offers information on various vegan food options from different brands and restaurants and has the ability to purchase them directly from its website, allowing consumers to stay fit and healthy by eating nutritious food.




byFood: ByFood.com is Japan’s platform for foodie travelers. Users can book dining experiences such as cooking classes and food tours, make restaurant reservations without having to speak Japanese, and order products from local businesses. They also offer online experiences, blogs on Japanese food trends and culture, and videos featuring Japanese chefs and artisans.

ByFood puts Japan’s food scene at anyone’s fingertips, dissolving the language barrier and providing everything food-loving travelers need to have a satisfying (and filling) trip to Japan. And if users don’t find what they’re looking for on the platform, its VIP Gourmet Concierge will create the perfect tailored dining experience for each customer.

By sharing Japanese food culture with the world, byFood strives to unite locals and travelers, help small businesses and celebrate authentic Japanese cuisine. By combining hands-on dining experiences with their extensive and comprehensive articles and videos, they hope to encourage adventurous eating and smart travel in Japan.



We are very happy that Wakalua continues to reach out to all parts of the world accompanying entrepreneurs and giving them support from the private sector to be able to proof-of-concept their solutions, scale them and provide investment to those who need it.

See you next year in San Sebastian!

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